What to Do Before Your Paving Contractors Start Working

Parking lots and driveways need quite a bit of maintenance. No matter how well you take care of them, they are still being exposed to the weather changes as well as constant abuse by cars and their fluids. In time, all lots will need repair. Sometimes they need something simple like just paint, and other times they need full resurfacing. When that time comes, you should get a few estimates and go with the contractor that best suits your needs and your budget. You must decide what is more important and then let that help you make your decision. It will not always be the case that you get more accommodations for a lesser price. There are a few things you need to take care of before you schedule your paving contractors, such as creating a detailed paving site plan, notifying tenants, and sectioning off the parking area.

Creating a Detailed Paving Site Plan

Once you have settled on a contract with your paver that means they’ve already looked at your property and they know what areas are getting redone. Now is the time to get a copy of the plan that they will be working off. You want to make sure you have organized the work or if they have organized the work you need to be able to see the timing of each section, so you can plan accordingly.

Notifying Tenants

You will need to let your tenants know that something is happening on the property simply because it will affect their day to day coming and going. They need to know their parking spaces will be blocked or that they need to come in through a different entrance. It can be very frustrating for the contractor have to redirect traffic all day. Some cars will be expected, but it doesn’t need to be every tenant in the building. Proper notification can help avoid that.

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Section Off Parking Area

There will be nothing more frustrating than the contractor showing up to complete a section and there are cars in the way because an area wasn’t blocked off. If the work starts at night, block the spaces off all day. You don’t need anyone parking their car and disappearing and throwing everything off schedule. It is a real headache trying to find the owner of a single car in a multi-tenant building. It can also aggravate the tenant because they wish they would’ve known not to park there. Do everyone a favor and block the area off so no one can use it on accident or otherwise. When we needed to redo our parking lot we searched residential asphalt resurfacing tampa fl

Hiring a paving contractor is pretty simple. What you’re looking for is great work, great warranty and an even greater price. The thing about hiring the contractors is making sure you manage the job properly from start to finish. The best way to do that is to plan early and stay ahead of the job by acting before you schedule. You’ll need to create a detailed paving plan, notify your tenants, and section off parking areas, before the job begins.