Upgrade Your Parking Situation from Dirt to Rock

My perfect office building is a brand new start for my business and the other companies that rent offices in the building. I decided that buying a building would make more sense than paying rental fees every month for a space. The place we were renting from was too expensive, so the costs of operating our business were immensely disproportionate when compared to the amount of money we were bringing in. Buying the building felt like a safe investment of our money because the city we live in is growing to become one of the largest business centers on this coast. When the building was sold, it was sold as is, so we had to make some upgrades to keep renters happy.

We’ve been upgrading everything that we can think of, and we can afford to now, so this is a good time to make these expenditures. Next quarter, we might not be able to afford these types of expenses. We have been surveying the other companies that rent from the building, but we ultimately listen to our own employees about which types of assets they would like to see upgraded. My people wanted new vending machines put in the building instead of the old type that wouldn’t accept credit cards. That was an easy upgrade because the company we rent them from didn’t need to charge more than we were already paying for the old machines. It was a one time fee to change over to the new machines.

My employees had also complained about the parking structure we were using. It was once a field, but when the building was put up, the builders left the parking lot the way that it was for the construction crews, so the employees had to park on a dirt patch in the field. It was unsightly, and worst of all was the mud that would upset everyone every time that it rained. People would come in and complain about their tires getting muddy, so I quickly realized that upgrading the parking at the building should be a chief concern of mine.

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Our parking structure went from dirt to rock and gravel in under a week. We had a professional come out to our building on the weekends to place boulders at either end of the parking lot to give it that natural appeal that keeps folks happy. They added gravel, and mixed in some smaller pebbles to make it look prettier than other gravel lots nearby. We ordered from a Gravel Puyallup Wa company, and it took those crews two weekends to complete the job. I’m satisfied with the work they’ve done.

The lot looks more inviting when you first pull up. It looks like a friendlier building to work in. My staff was delighted to see the lot change from dirt to gravel. I’ve heard that other companies in our building are happier with the new lot features as well. It was a wise decision to upgrade our parking lot this year.