How to Sell Your Coin Collection in Chicago IL for More Money

Chances are that you have spent countless hours with your parents or children, growing that coin collection with love over the years. All that hard work is going to pay off with a huge return on your investment only if you sell for the right price. There are plenty of investors who will try to get your collection for pennies on the dollar, more reason you’ll want to choose a curator service that has your best interest at heart. These are a few of the reasons to consider the sell your coin collection Chicago IL experts.

The True Value of Your Coin Collection

Bring your coin collection to a pawn shop and you will get one low cash offer based on the scrap metal value only. If the collection is full of rare gold and silver coins, nothing is considered except for the value of the precious metals in weight. The coin could be near mint and will get the exact same value as one that is severely damaged but weighs the same. Curator services take the time to look at the value of the coin collection based on more than weight. Depending on how rare the coins, the value could escalate tremendously.

Examining Each Coin for Potential Value

The local pawn shop doesn’t care about if one of the coins is antique or if another has only a very low run. The only thing the pawn shop is concerned with is making a profit by immediately selling the coins at a higher price than was paid. The pawn shop is in the business to turn over inventory fast, and they have zero emotional attachment to your coin collection. Rarely will they take time to inspect each coin in detail.

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The curator service has a staff that is trained to identify the rarity of coins and their potential value in the market today. Each coin is given undivided attention to make certain the full cash value is given.

Reaching a Bigger Collecting Audience

The pawn shop or scrap buyers care about buying low and selling high in as short a time as possible. The curator service staff not only want to give you a fair price, they want to add your coin collection to their inventory because they have a growing client base looking for many of the pieces in your collection. Your coin collection is going to bring you plenty in value when you sell with the curator, and they, in turn, will make certain those coins find a good home. All your years of passion in growing the coin collection will live on with the next generation instead of being melted for scrap. Don’t settle for a fraction of what your coin collection is work, utilize a curator service that will treat your investment like it was their own. Getting every possible dollar for the coin collection is easier when working with a consulting team that wants the same thing that you do.