Riding Rather Than Driving – Makes Sense?

The most basic definition of “transport” is that it is the movement of something or someone from place to place. In today’s environment, it seems that more and more people are opting to be transported rather than providing their own transportation. Every day swarms of people use public transportation, taxi cabs, transport companies like Uber and Lyft, company or school buses, and car pools. These vehicles move people to and from work, school, religious services, social engagements, doctor’s appointments, stores and banks.

Response to a New Trend

The largest increase in third party transportation business was among the private providers. The initial response by big city officials to this shift from public services was extremely negative. They feared the loss of revenue and jobs and so they outlawed or capped the new providers. Eventually, most realized that these services could be complementary to taxi and public transportation companies as long as they were well organized and properly licensed to ensure the security of riders. These new companies could add to the tax base and offer additional employment opportunities to area residents.

The Chosen Method of Travel

The real question is why have so many adopted the no-drive philosophy. The answer may be found by examining the numerous advantages of having others provide your transportation. Third party alternatives can be less expensive than owning and maintaining a car and less vehicles on the road is good for the environment. Riders can sit back and relax and either enjoy the scenery or do some work. The service is door-to-door and there is no need to worry about finding or paying for parking.

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Contracting transportation may make even more sense when you have a group traveling to some special event. In these cases, there are numerous options and amenities from which to choose. You can easily rent a chartered bus, limousine, party bus, SUV, car or van for your vacation or to shuttle you to the airport or the cruise ship terminal. You can also find the perfect vehicle for your wedding day, bachelor/bachelorette party, prom, dance party, or city tour. There are so many companies that offer transportation services that you will find exactly what you need whether you search party bus limo services Norcross ga or airport transfer Philadelphia pa. The fact that so many companies are operating successfully indicates the trend toward hiring a third party to provide transportation.

Standard Practice

Hiring a professional for your transportation is now commonplace. If you research a company’s credentials and operation, it can be a safe and convenient alternative to driving. For social events, you ensure that your group arrives at the same time and you do not need to worry about impaired driving. You can even hold your party right on the vehicle, avoiding club cover charges and overpriced drinks. In any case, you get a stylish vehicle that allows you to travel in comfort. The transportation industry has adapted over the years and this latest transition has riding instead of driving is becoming the norm.