Learning How to Avoid Costly Septic Tank Repairs

The septic tank system for your home is designed to run for over a decade without incident. The reason why so many Florida residents are having emergency trouble with their septic systems is that they are doing things that compromise the health of this system. Here are a few tips for the homeowner to limit the need to call for emergency septic tank repairs North Port FL service.

Keeping The Top of the Tank Clear

The septic tank is in the yard and under the ground, but it can be easy to spot. Usually, the grass directly above the septic tank is green, for obvious reasons. Just because the tank is under the ground does not mean you can literally park things on top of it. The top of the tank is not able to support heavy weight, nor was it designed to. To that end, stop using that area of the yard as a parking lot for all your belongings.

Locate the exact location of the septic tank, and then be sure to get any vehicles moved to another area, remove any landscaping equipment from above the tank, and don’t stack chopped wood on top of the tank.

Eliminating Filling the Tank with Debris

The most common reason for trouble with the septic tank is in the products you are flushing down the toilet or pouring down the sink. The septic tank was created to organically break down waste, not those things in your house that you should be placing in the trash can. Here are a few things to keep from the toilet, condoms, sanitary napkins, gum, dental floss, paper towels, and cut hair.

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In the kitchen, you need to stop pouring grease, rice, pasta, and oil, into the drain or garbage disposal. The less debris in, the fewer chances the tank will experience an emergency.

Avoid Driving Over the Tank

Parking things on top of the septic tank are dangerous, but you can also do damage just driving over. If you are constantly driving vehicles in your yard or heavy lawn equipment from the driveway to the shed, it might be time to consider taking an alternate route. The ground above the septic tank needs to be considered a fragile zone, so make an effort to never put anything of weight on the area for any length of time.

Depending on the design of your septic tank, there could be an air pump or aerator sticking out that can be damaged when you drive anything near this area. Place a few orange flags near the tank and avoid driving anything near this region moving forward.

One of the best ways that you can avoid costly repairs to the septic system is to speak with the septic services team and schedule your annual check-up appointment. This way, if the team finds anything wrong with the system, they will be in the position make a small fix before it is a costly repair.