The Influx of Texting in The Information Age

The common sense of communicating in other regions has long been a standard practice. It reaches the pivotal point when the possibilities of ready access to the massive consumer audience is realized. It provides affordable advertising that is right at the fingertips of the consumer and can be utilized anywhere at any time through texting. This can mean astronomical spikes in revenues for many companies. The logic of technology as it translates to business practices, then, has proved that brain work pays off. In killing two or three birds with one stone, those of solving communication accessibility problems, and solving marketing and advertising problems at the same time, etc., the world has really come a long way.

For any marketing strategist, his first order of business is “who wants my product?” Once he establishes those who want the product, the target audience, he then has to establish a means or vehicle for getting the product to the consumer who wants the products hands. Because a consumer knows they want a product, if there is no incentive or initiative, they are not very likely to seek it out. This is where the psychology of advertising is so remarkable. A lot of times sms services for small business is utilized. If a person sees something repeatedly, where they might not have had a real interest, or vested interest in the product the first few times, they take on a renewed view of the product after seeing it a number of times.

It’s like finding the target audience for cereal. Health conscious people will gravitate toward cereals that advertise health benefits. But do they have a vested interest in purchasing the cereal when it’s sitting there on the shelf with all those gooey delicious looking sugary cereals in direct competition?

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SMS gets the information to the consumer in real-time. Texting is used for more than advertising around the globe. In some areas texting is how some governments inform their citizens on relatable matters. In some countries, texting has taken on a vehicle for sharing entertaining materials much like info usually shown in magazines, etc.

Small business solutions are just a text away. It seems that the “name of the game” is getting the word out and the proverbial future is here. How better to get any advertising message out than through texting? But not only texting but repetitive texting, so that if the consumer didn’t pick up on the advertising message the first few times, by the fifth or sixth time, he might be hooked on the product the advertiser is selling.

Back to other areas of the world that are not so capitalistic, the technology of SMS surpasses anything that has gone before. Alexander Graham Bell worked tirelessly on the telegraph for communication’s sake, because that is what progress does, and today, just like the old telegraph model, communication is available right at the fingertips.

The information age then, continues on. And not only can one get important information out to the masses, one can inexpensively send out advertisements to the masses so that their messages about their products will be taken note of and eventually the products will be purchased.