Helping You Start A Therapy Practice

So, you have finally arrived at a place that you are fully prepared and ready to become a therapist. That is a fantastic career choice, there are a lot of people out there that need help and you being willing to help them is amazing. You don’t just want to be a therapist but start your own practice? Though this is a great choice, it probably won’t be easy. To help you into this journey, I am going to list some ways to help get you started on the path of starting a therapy practice business.

Aside from the proper legal work and documents that you’ll have to fill out in order to open up a therapy practice, you also need to make sure you get insured, you can’t offer people professional help without professional coverage for both you and your clients.

Once that is done, you will need a business phone and number. You want to keep thing as professional as possible so it’s best to keep personal and private things on one phone and business on the other.

Next thing you will need is a place to work from, somewhere to keep all of your important files. To meet potential future clients, you will need an office. Once you have that sorted out you are one step closer to opening up your practice.

Next is a website, somewhere that you can advertise and people can get a real reading on what you have to offer without wasting either of your times. A website can be very useful for both you and your clients, you can schedule appointments through there, answer questions people might have, and list the times you are available.

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Now it is time to look the part, get some professional headshots taken. Think of it like the pictures of authors you see on the back of a book cover or inside the sleeve. People want to see who you are, so they know what to expect when going in.

Forms of payment are something you and your client have to go through, nobody works for free, even if they want to help. You can easily accept payments such as cash or through PayPal but if you want to allow credit card payments then you will need to buy the right tool for that job before you start yours.

Just remember that it is always best to believe in yourself because if you don’t have confidence that you can make this work then your clients are going to feed off of that energy and start to doubt that you can help them when really you can. And also remember that these people usually just want someone to listen, someone with an open ear who won’t sit and judge them for their feelings, emotions, or thoughts. And as long as you can do that you will nail this. That is the basic list of things you will need to know or get done before starting. I hope it helps.