Getting Mice Out Of The Home

While you’re walking through your house or while the house is quiet during the day or night, you might see or hear something that sounds like scurrying. Mice can easily get inside the home if there is even a small opening for them to fit through. Before they begin to multiply, you can work with the assistance of a pest control company to get rid of them so that they won’t linger.

There are a few different types of traps that can be used to quickly solve a mouse problem in the home. A traditional trap has a spring and latch as well as a small platform where you put the bait. This is often the easiest solution as the mouse is killed within a few moments of snapping the trap. Sticky traps are good to use if you don’t know how to set a spring trap. All you have to do is place these traps where mouse activity is seen, and the mouse will stick to the surface when it walks across. There is also a box trap. The mouse enters and gets trapped, making it easy to throw the entire trap away.

Pellets And Powder
A mice extermination Leesburg VA company can put pellets and powders inside and outside the home in locations where evidence of a mouse is seen. These items are made of poisons that kill mice over a short time. The mice will eat the small pellets or the powder and often take the substance back to other mice as they tend to live in the same area of the home. As the chemicals work in the mouse’s body, it will soon die.

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Seal Entries
One thing that an extermination company can help with is by pinpointing where mice are likely getting into the home. Once you know where these points are located, you can begin to seal these entrances off to prevent other mice from entering the home in the future. The corners and foundation of the home are often the most common places for mice to enter. Steel wool can be placed in holes underneath sinks and in cabinets as it is difficult for mice to chew through and is flexible for getting around pipes.

After doing everything that you can to get rid of mice on your own without any success, you might want to call in a professional who has more tools and options for finding mice and getting rid of them. You can waste a lot of money by getting traps that might not work or placing traps in the wrong locations of the home. Any professional that is hired should understand how to locate mice and the best way to get rid of them and keep them from getting into the home in the future. Try to work with a company that doesn’t automatically suggest using poison as the first method for getting rid of mice because the product could make pets in the home ill or kill them. When any mouse droppings are seen in the home or other signs of an issue, contact the professional to treat the home again.