Finding the Best recruiters to get a job

Applying for a job nowadays is not that easy because the number of companies, who are hiring for new positions are decreasing. Job applicants have different ways of finding a job. Some of them walks into different companies to inquire for available jobs, leaves their resume and just in case a position will be opened for him, they will have him as a candidate. But, if you are going directly to a company, who is opening several positions, then you will surely find a lot of competitors in a queue for the same job position.

Sometimes, you will even feel like not to go out again hunting for a high paid job because of those experiences. It may even bring your self-confidence down, especially, if you can hear other applicants talking about their previous or current jobs as well as their achievements. Those are also the same reasons why you may not even feel like finding a job at all and just do something else for a living. But, those are not enough to give up right now because you can still find headhunters in Phoenix. Since you find it difficult to find a job on your own, then let someone get one for you.

A Headhunter or a recruiter is a professional in finding companies that suits jobs for qualified applicants. This is the best way to find a job today. You can go directly to their office or you may also reach them online to send your resume together with your credentials. These recruiters will just give you an open job, where you can get an interview with reliable employers. If you can get this job, then they can get a commission, basing from your salary. So, the higher you get paid, the higher they earn from you. These recruiters were connected with those companies and they already have an understanding about how salaries are shared.

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Searching Online

The best way to find recruiters is through an online search. These recruiters are also registered companies and it is a must for them to follow the rules and regulations of their country as an agency for manpower services. This is a very important information that you need to check first to avoid intruders or scammers, who will just collect your information for bad intentions and might just collect some money from you. Remember that illegal recruiters may even get you a job, but will not later on give you the salary or promise you to give it soon, but they never will.

One trusted website to look for recruiters online is through Linkedin. You can find different organizations and companies listed. After getting a list of the recruiters, then you may get to their official websites or social media accounts. Pretty sure that you can find a lot of information about the recruitment company or agency there as well as comments and reviews from different clients or job hunters.

Career Coach

As a job applicant, it could have been better, if you can also try looking for a career coach aside from a recruiter. Sometimes, the recruiter and the career coach may work as one, but sometimes they are two different jobs. A career coach may give you a clear understanding about what a company may look for, depending on your skills and interest.

If this career coach is also your recruiter, then he can do a lot of things for you. HE will not just connect you to a company for a job. But, when you are hired, he will be the one to negotiate about how much your salary would be. If he can get you a higher compensation, then he would be very lucky to receive more commission from you. To know the rates of recruiters, you may go to This is just to give you an idea about how many percent they can only get from clients.

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Once you already started connecting with a career coach, he will keep you posted whenever there are job opportunities for you. He will keep your email address as well as your mobile phone number to contact you anytime, especially when an urgent hiring is at hand. If a recruiter will not find time to contact you again, then it is either there is no job for you or he is not impressed with your resume.