Common Ways New Drivers Fail Their Heavy Vehicle Testing

It can take a lot of practice to pass your test to get a heavy vehicle license. With all of the time and money invested into passing, you want to make sure that you pass your testing on the first try. Practicing on an auto heavy rigid vehicle course Geelong will help you achieve your goals so you don’t make a mistake that could prevent you from getting your license. Some people get nervous while testing and forget even the most basic things like stop signs and maintaining a proper speed for the conditions that they are in. Besides the basics, there are some other mistakes that potential heavy vehicle drivers make that can keep them from getting their license.

Proper Shifting

If a truck driver does not shift their vehicle properly, the ride will not be smooth. Even more important, improper shifting can make it harder to maintain control of the vehicle when coming to a stop at an intersection or other situation. Not only that, over time it can damage the truck’s clutch and gearbox.

Changing gears in a truck is completely different than in a car. Some drivers think their experience in a manual non-commercial vehicle will help to prepare them for driving a heavy vehicle, but this can actually instill a false sense of confidence. Not being able to shift properly might not just damage the truck and make you fail your test, but it can lead to unsafe conditions that could lead to issues with shifting cargo.

Proper Mirror Use

When trying to pass your test, your instructor will carefully watch how you use your mirrors. This is usually a mistake made for beginning drivers trying to obtain their class 2 or 4 licenses, more experienced drivers generally don’t make this type of mistake. Mirrors help not only to keep the truck and its cargo safe but also other vehicles and objects on or near the road like dividers and road signs.

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Forgetting to check the mirrors altogether isn’t usually the problem most drivers have when trying to pass their test. Many drivers will only look in the mirror on their side of the vehicle instead of both. This can lead to them not actually seeing all of the driving conditions surrounding their vehicle and can cause severe accidents.

Improper Cornering

The differences between driving a car and a heavy vehicle become very apparent when trying to take a corner, especially on city streets and busy intersections. It can be quite easy to hit a curb while getting used to the longer wheelbase on a heavy vehicle. While in some cases this unfamiliarity might just cause the truck to take an uncomfortable bump, in other cases it may cause a collision with another vehicle. It’s important to make sure that you take these corners at a proper speed, it’s recommended to take these turns while in third gear going around 15kph and no faster. Check your mirrors and make sure to take your time for safety.