Choosing an Environmentally Friendly Hot Water Heater

Everyone would like to be more environmentally responsible these days but how many more can, and bottles can we recycle? Electric cars or solar panels may be too pricey of a commitment so what is a step we can we take?

One fact we may not be aware of is that the water heater can account for up to 25% of our home energy usage. Researching the “greenest” way to heat my water, I have discovered that although propane water heaters may cost a bit more up front than an electric heater, in the long run they are far more efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective.

A propane water heater as an alternative to electric water heater has much in its favor. Propane is a domestically produced fuel, which burns hot and efficiently. It is also non-toxic, and easy to store. A bonus to using propane as a fuel is that it does not damage underwater ecosystems and it is cheaper than oil. Because of its lower carbon content and high energy density, propane is a clean-burning fuel.

With electric water heaters, hot water can run out and if you have ever been doing laundry (or even worse, in the shower) and your hot water suddenly runs cold, you know it is something you want to avoid! Propane water heaters continually heat the water, so the tank never runs out. For this reason, less energy is required, and showers don’t turn into chilly surprises. With a traditional electric heater, once the hot water runs out, a whole new tank of water will have to be heated, which takes time and electricity.

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When deciding to go with either a propane water heater or an electric one, some considerations need to be assessed, such as the current cost of propane fuel, and your overall in-home energy usage. Ongoing service requirements will need to be met with either product, consequently local service companies will also need to be researched.

Once a decision has been made regarding the type of hot water heater needed, some comparisons are in order. There are hundreds of brands of Energy Star certified propane water heaters available on the market. There is also a handy option on that website to check for rebates by zip code. For example, if a consumer was looking for propane hot water heaters la plata md they would just enter the zip code 20646 to find out if any rebates are being offered.

Finally, for your ongoing service needs, I recommend choosing a family run business with great Yelp reviews. Family run businesses have the integrity and responsibility that larger corporations often lack. Prompt customer service must be a priority for a family run business since personal recommendations are often how they maintain their success. Once you have chosen your energy efficient water heater and your service company, you are well on your way to more environmentally friendly home ownership.