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Some Popular Web Hosting Plans

It can be a bit confusing when you look at the different kinds of web hosting plans and website services.

The thousands of web companies that are all competing for your business all which have a web hosting plans and at this point it can be confusing.

A person who wants just to open a website and make their money if they are met with terms like DNS, GB and width they are bound to get discouraged.

When the business grows it is no longer a small business and hence you find that you want to increase it therefore you want complex web hosting plans.

Initially when starting your business the inexpensive and free web hosting plans were all right however you find your website may slow down because there is more traffic coming your way and hence you might have to consider a web server.

Keep reading to find the types of web hosting plans that are used by most businesses and which might be right for your business as well.

A Web Hosting Plan That Is Shared
This is when many web sites are all hosted in one server. Your website and others are all hosted on a shared server. On a monthly pay of $5-$10 your website is on a server that is serving about a hundred or more of other websites.

All the websites hosted by that server are at its mercy and this is one of the disadvantages.
Despite the fact that not much traffic coming in on your website you can choose a shared webhosting plan as it is cheaper.
Reseller Web Hosting
You can be able to further sell hosting space on this package on the shared hosting.

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Cloud Type Of Web Hosting

Cloud based web hosting works by allowing this new hosting knowledge to host other servers all working together which makes it look like one big server. The point is when the need increases, this hosting company is able to add other commodity hardware making the cloud or grid larger.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Web Hosting Plan

VPS is a web hosting plan where it is one physical server but it works like they are separate or multiple servers. It is like a bridge between shared web hosting and have your own devoted machine. The computing resources are shared by all of them despite each having their own resources.

Devoted Web Server

This is where you rent from a web hosting company one physical server with all the need root permissions given by Linux.

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