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Four Key Issues That You Should Consider When Choosing an Electrician

In the construction of a building, you always need to involve an electrician in every step of the construction project. In the planning phase of construction, the electrician must provide their input. How then do you differentiate when to hire a commercial or residential electrician? Is there a difference between the commercial electrician and the residential electrician and why is it important to differentiate between the two?

Difference between a Residential and Commercial Electrician

When planning to build a house, you should first identify whether you want to use it for commercial or residential purposes. The key difference between the electrical works of a commercial and residential building is the capacity of power required.In a commercial building, there is more need for power and the electrician must ensure that the wiring in the building is strong to accommodate the power flowing in the building.

The type of wiring in the commercial and residential building is completely different. Wiring in a residential building is enclosed and very thin when compared to commercial buildings. Since commercial electrical works require regular servicing, they are installed in an open space while in residential houses; the wiring is covered to have the house looking presentable.

You can also distinguish between commercial and residential electrical works by the number of power phases. Commercial buildings require a lot of power. Consequently, most of the residential buildings, they only use one phase.

It is recommendable to have electrical works behind walls in a residential building. In a commercial building the wiring is done in an open space to allow ease of access.

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What You Need To Have In Mind When Looking For Either A Commercial or Residential Electrician

Residential and commercial electrical works are very different. Therefore, ensure that you pick an electrician that has specialized in the type of electrical works that you need. If you want to build a commercial building, find an electrician that has specialized in commercial electrical works.

Only hire an experienced and reliable electrician. The performance of the electrician will affect the completion of your construction. Hiring a competent person ensures that you do not get a shoddy job and yet you have paid well for performance. It should be your primary goal to find a competent electrician because electricity is very sensitive and hiring an incompetent person can be very risky in the long run or expensive in both the short and long term.

The article highlights the difference between commercial and residential electrical works. The article also looks into the key issues that you should consider when hiring both the residential and commercial electricians.

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